Executive Recruitment

Our values

Our ethos is defined by four core values:

  • Inclusivity

  • Creativity

  • Sustainability

  • Partnership

Read more on our core values here.

The University’s values sit at the heart of our current strategy Practical Wisdom which is based around a vision to: 

  • Become the university of choice for people who want to live and learn in a unique city setting as part of a dynamic, diverse and creative community that embraces partnership working and wants to make a positive difference to society; 
  • Build on our rich heritage of practice-based education and research to create the new, the radical and the exciting, with a strong focus on quality and improvement. We will devise innovative approaches to address current and emerging challenges. We will acquire, develop and apply knowledge to make an impact in our chosen fields.
  • Strengthen relationships with partners and work with them to shape the professions – and the professionals – of the future and to advance knowledge and learning around the world. By joining forces, we will increase our profile, become more influential and extend our global reach.