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University Strategy

Our strategic framework

Simply put, our strategic framework is the inter-linked components that make up our University Strategy.

We have taken our commitments expressed in Practical Wisdom and have provided an even clearer sense of direction for our strategy period up to 2025 through a smaller set of strategic priorities, clear criteria for success and a stronger connection between our priorities and how we will deliver them.

This work has, and continues to be, naturally informed by changes in the external context as well as the feedback from our people.

Our mission, values and vision articulate the overarching principles of our strategy. Our five strategic areas, go in to more detail on the strategic priorities for each area:

  • Putting students at the heart of everything we do
  • Making a difference through research and enterprise
  • Enabling staff, liberating talent
  • A great place to work and learn
  • Investing in our future

We have then looked at each of these areas and structured a delivery framework to enable us to focus on tangibly delivering on the strategic priorities. Each of the areas above has a companion delivery workstream with the addition of a cross-cutting Portfolio Development Workstream which serves to deliver on a number of our strategic priorities in each area.