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A great place to work and learn

Our University Strategy, Practical Wisdom, committed us to working to four priorities in relation to our place and space and we have made good progress against these over the past couple of years.

But we know there is much more to do. We need to get much smarter at getting the best use out our spaces and maintain that space in the quality we want and need. We need to challenge our thinking about how we achieve our priority of becoming net-zero carbon by 2025 and we know that colleagues would like to be able to explore new and more flexible ways of working and teaching – which in turn has implications for the type of spaces we need.

Our room for manoeuvre is highly dependent on having funds available for strategic investment in our estate. But it also requires us to have a clear Estates Strategy to inform future investment decisions, shaped and driven by our broader strategic priorities and in particular by our academic requirements driven by our new schools, expectations about student numbers and portfolio.

That is why the development of such an Estates Strategy will be a major focus for us over the coming months.

Our priorities for this strategic area

  • Deliver the Big Build
  • Alignment of the estates strategy with the academic strategy
  • Deliver a more efficient and better quality estate
  • Make the University's activities net-zero carbon by 2050

Delivering these priorities

A Great Place to Work and Learn Workstream

  • This workstream will deliver on the strategic priorities for the A Great Place to Work and Learn strategic area. It is one workstream in the broader Brighton 2025 Programme.
  • This workstream is led by the A Great Place to Work and Learn Group, chaired by Matt Kitson, Director of Estates and Facilities Management

Workstream aims and objectives

  • To understand the carbon footprint of our estate by site/campus and to then develop and deliver a clear plan of actions required to achieve net zero
  • To establish the key principles to allow overall review of our estate. To understand the current “state of the nation” of the key building infrastructure. Production of a 3/5/10 year outline capital plan to help underpin the clear estate strategy.
  • To produce a clear and defined university wide space strategy to ensure the most productive use of our space. Define our current performance and define an improvement plan to assist in the Estate strategy implementation.
  • Supporting the work of School Size and Shape; help support the creation of new school identities by consolidated schools on a single associated campus
  • Deliver an estates strategy that is supportive of our aspirations for more flexible working and accessibility to increase the diversity of our staff and student community
  • To ensure appropriate communication and engagement with identified stakeholders to support the delivery of the estate strategy
  • Identify a critical path for the development of the estates strategy and implementation plan informed by an understanding of institutional key milestones including those identified by other Brighton 2025 workstreams.