Executive Recruitment

Making a Difference through Research and Enterprise

As a University we are rightly proud of our Research & Enterprise, which enriches our teaching, drives important partnerships and collaborations and creates new knowledge and produces genuine impact.

We have made a lot of changes to how we organise and approach Research & Enterprise over the past couple of years. And these changes are already driving positive outcomes. To build on these important building blocks we are working towards three key priorities over the next few years.

But we face an increasingly challenging environment with the ongoing impact of the pandemic and uncertainty relating to Brexit and future research funding. Nevertheless, we're confident in our ability to respond and adapt quickly. We have clear plans in place to deliver on our strategic priorities to strengthen our postgraduate recruitment and experience, invest wisely in areas of excellence and maximise our knowledge exchange opportunities.

Our priorities for this strategic area

  • To grow the number of our talented PGR students who will sustain our research base and enrich our research culture
  • To invest in our areas of excellence enabling them to develop global reputations, expand their vibrant research environments and significantly increase external funding
  • To expand our knowledge exchange activities and maximise the impact of our research and enterprise by sharing our ideas and innovations with our partners regionally and globally

Delivering these priorities

Making a Difference through Research and Enterprise Workstream

  • This workstream will deliver on the strategic priorities for the Making a Difference through Research and Enterprise strategic area. It is one workstream in the broader Brighton 2025 Programme. 
  • This workstream is led by the Making a Difference through Research and Enterprise Group, chaired by Tara Dean, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise

Workstream aims and objectives

  • To develop the strategic plan for Research and Enterprise 2022-2025
  • To develop an appropriate model for optimising QR investment post REF 2021
  • To develop an appropriate plan that will maximise our knowledge exchange opportunities
  • To develop appropriate plans that will strengthen our PGR recruitment and experience

Our University Strategy, Practical Wisdom, clearly places people at the heart of our institution and recognises that they are key to its continuing future success.

That’s why enabling our staff to succeed and liberating their talent is and remains one of our biggest priorities. Since the launch of Practical Wisdom we’ve taken a number of steps that are really important and are already making a difference.

But, COVID-19 has had a big impact on the lives of all of us and, for many colleagues, has necessitated a shift to different ways of working. It has also meant rethinking how we deliver what we do whilst continuing to support colleagues’ wellbeing.

As we hopefully emerge from the pandemic over the coming year it will be important to reflect on what we have learned about ourselves as an organisation and at how we can embrace some of the more flexible approaches we have developed.